The Dirty Diamonds Omnibus is a collection of the first four issues of Dirty Diamonds, covering the themes of Alcohol, Jobs, Travel, and Break-Ups. Cover design by Kelly Phillips. Published Fall 2015.

(Issues #1-4 originally published Summer 2011, Spring 2012, Winter 2012, and Fall 2013.)

Featuring over 150 pages of comics from the four original founding members (Kelly Phillips, Claire Folkman, Carey Pietsch, and Dre Grigoropol), plus our first teams of international contributors! Check out some pages from the book:

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Here is the complete list of contributors from the first 4 issues of Dirty Diamonds, collected in the Omnibus:

Alexandra Zidariu
Alisha Davidson
Ariel Braverman
Ashley Austin
Beth Heinly
Carey Pietsch
Claire Folkman
Cyn Why?
Dre Grigoropol
Iva Grueva
Jenny McKeon
Jess Ruliffson
Jillian Fleck
Jo-Jo Sherrow
Katie Hidalgo
Kelly Phillips
Milena Simeonova
Sam Johns
Viktorija Eziukas
Win Evans

The publication of this book was funded as a stretch goal through the Kickstarter campaign for Dirty Diamonds #6: Beauty, which raised $17,362 with support from 578 backers. Thank you to all of our incredible backers that helped bring the original out-of-print issues back to life!


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