Dirty Diamonds #6: Beauty aims to celebrate, examine, challenge, and embrace what beauty is all about. Cover art by Carolyn Nowak. Published Fall 2015.

Featuring over 200 pages of comics by more than 50 creators representing 8 different countries. Check out some pages from the book:

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Here is the complete list of contributors to Dirty Diamonds #6: Beauty:

Alexandra Graudins
Anna Krzton
Anna Sellheim
Ash Austin
Brenna Killeen
Brie Katherine
Camille Balete
Carey Pietsch
Carolyn Nowak
Claire Folkman
Cyn Why?
Denise Clamors
Elizabeth Simins
Galen Dara
Giselle Sarmiento
Glynnis Fawkes
Grace Teoh
Hanna Oliver
Hazel Newlevant
Jaym Gates
Jenn Woodall
Jillian Fleck
Julie Fiveash
Julie Olson
Karen Powers
Karen Yen
Kata Kane
Kate MacDonald
Kawai Shen
Kelly Leigh Miller
Kelly Phillips
Kimberly Frisch
Laura Ellyn
Lira Kraunik
Liz Rosema
MariĆ” Raposa Branca
Miranda Harmon
Noni Garcia
Olivia Stephens
Priya Huq
Rica March
Sara Goetter
Sarah Winifred Searle
Scotty (Crystal Jayme)
Serafina Dwyer
Shauna J. Grant
Stephanie Hovden
Stephanie Mannheim
Stephanie Zuppo
t.r. logan
true indigo
Vanessa Stefaniuk
Win Evans

The publication of this book and all artist compensation was provided through a Kickstarter campaign that raised $17,362 with support from 578 backers. Thank you to all of our incredible backers that helped make this book a reality!


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